MONTREAL - The protest movement that started on Wall Street has now gone global, and for a third day Montrealers are demonstrating against corporate greed.

They've been occupying Victoria Square since Saturday and say they have no plans to leave, although by midday Monday their numbers had diminished considerably.

From several thousand people that marshalled in a rally over the weekend, barely 100 remain on the site, although many said they will return after going to work or school for the day.

Dozens of tents are still set up on the grassy patch, indicating people's willingness to return.

Olivier Ducharme is among the protesters who remain. He has taken time off from his job in Sherbrooke in order to temporarily relocate to Victoria Square.

"A lot of things with the economy, with politics and the way society works is kind of getting us towards a dead end," said Ducharme.

"If we don't do something about it and we don't say it's not working, nothing's going to change. And the system is so huge that you can't change it overnight. So we're trying to get the message out."

Protesters say they are still determining exactly how they plan to challenge corporate greed.

The group will hold nightly general assemblies, including Monday at 6 p.m., to plan for the future of what is fully intended to be a long-term protest movement.

First up is generating electricity and setting up an internet access site in order to broadcast constant video of the protest.