NASCAR fans are once again learning that despite the rain, Montreal is a great city to host a car race.

The stands at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are packed with hardcore car enthusiasts from across the country, and the United States.

Michelle Dozois decided at the last minute that she could not miss the Napa Auto Parts 200.

"My husband said last week "Let's go to Montreal". So Tuesday I got the reservations and here we are. We're really happy we came," said Dozois.

While the main action is on the track, some fans were drawn to attractive women off-track.

One man claimed to only attend the race "for the Budweiser girls. I have no interest in cars."

Yet even as stock car racers are trading paint on the track, there's still a lot of speculation about F1 returning to la belle province.

BBC News reports that Montreal is pencilled in for a June 6 Grand Prix race, although Mayor Gerald Tremblay will only say that the city is still in negotiations with Bernie Ecclestone.

Racing fans like Stephane Quesnel say the mayor's words are encouraging.

"I think it would be great for the city, I think it would be great for the Montreal economy that F1 come back and keep NASCAR as well," said Quesnel.