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Brian Wilde

Sports Announcer

When Brian isn't flooding his followers with Twitter messages, he's probably walking his dogs or enjoying a simple but very satisfying life with his wife.

Simple and satisfying to Brian is a nice dinner at a fine restaurant, a thought-provoking movie or book, conversation with friends with plenty of laughs, and above all, sports in any way he can get his hands on it.

That includes watching the big game on his big plasma screen or playing his greatest sports passion (every day in the summer if he could) tennis.

Sports and Brian have gone together ever since he was three years old and he first picked up a hockey stick. The teddy bear went into the corner never to be seen again while the little hockey stick always stayed close by.

In Brian's adult life, he has never been too far from a hockey stick covering both the Edmonton Oilers, the city of his birth, and the Montreal Canadiens, the city of his choice.

That's why it is easy for Brian to claim that his job as a sports announcer and reporter is another passion. Brian's truth is for 28 years, he has worked on something that he's loved.

Since 1995, that something has been CTV Montreal.