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CTV Montreal, formerly CFCF, was the first private television station in Quebec. It was launched in January 1961 and was one of the founding partners in the CTV network. It has been a CTV affiliate for over 40 years. Montreal is one of North America's oldest and most cosmopolitan cities.

Its diverse linguistic and cultural mosaic demands a unique approach to programming, promotion and community involvement. Our station has consistently proven its ability to listen and respond to the needs of its community.

Since our first broadcast on January 20, 1961, we have held a long-standing and warm relationship with Montrealers. We have grown into a vital, forward-looking television station with a strong commitment to the community we serve. As an example of this continuing dialogue with viewers, we maintain an interactive phone system which generates thousands of calls daily. The response has been tremendous and the numbers keep on growing.

Additionally, we have been involved in two long-term community projects: the annual Telethon of Stars, which has raised millions of dollars over the last 30 years, to benefit children's hospitals in Montreal and the province of Quebec, and our Community Action Program which co-ordinates with 6 Montreal community organizations, to help alleviate poverty in our city. CTV Montreal's overall marketing strategy is to continue to be more of a Montreal community-minded station.

The province of Quebec is primarily francophone, yet the city of Montreal is a multi-cultural and bilingual city.

Although Montreal is predominantly francophone (3,530,159), the Anglophone population is 937,933, which makes it Canada's fifth largest market - it should be noted that 78% of Quebec Anglophones live within Greater Montreal. Bilingual Francophones make up over 51% of the francophone population (1,804,939), and thus gives us a total English-language market of 2,742,872. CTV Montreal reaches over 840,300 viewers weekly in the Anglo EM, and 582,600 in the Franco EM of which 433,600 are bilingual Francophones.

CTV Montreal has a 21.6% share in the Anglophone market, Monday to Sunday, 6am-2am, adults 25 - 54.