MONTREAL - Police have arrested a man on suspicions of murder following the death of a woman in Montreal North at 7:15 a.m. Saturday.

Police were called to 6275 Arthur Chevrier following a call from a neighbour reporting screaming next door.

They discovered the injured woman, 43, and a man, 45, who was trying to escape.

The woman had been stabbed multiple times and in spite of attempts to revive her, died on the scene.

The relationship between the two remains unknown and neither is known to police.

Police say that it was a domestic drama. It is the fifth homicide on the island of Montreal in 2012.

Police could not immediately say whether the suspect would be charged with first degree murder, second degree murder or manslaughter.

"The man was arrested, he was brought to the operational center where he's going to be meeting with our major crime investigators today, as for the woman, she was declared dead on the scene," said Daniel Lacoursiere, Montreal police representative, early Saturday afternoon.