This health challenge is directed at helping viewers become healthier and improving their well-being.

It is focused on helping people look and feel better overall.

The challenge is for everyone – spanning across ages, economic position, gender, personalities, and social preferences.

Each segment will focus on a specific physical or mental health topic and will end with a new bi-weekly challenge.

The challenge is set up so that each segment can offer some strategies to improving well-being, but the cumulative efforts of all strategies will lead to the best outcomes.

If these challenges are achieved and sustained over the entire initiative, viewers can expect to have increased energy, improved self-confidence, less weight (or a healthier body composition with more muscle and less fat), better sleep, more manageable stress – the possibilities are endless.


First steps

Researchers suggest that signing a contract and setting PROPER goals are essential to adhering to a program and achieving desirable outcomes.

Many people feel that writing down aspirations and goals is a waste of time, and don't follow through.

This is the biggest mistake to make, and is a recipe for 'failure.'

So, I am asking all viewers to do two things as the first 'challenge.'

First, make and sign a contract. I have provided a sample copy online that may be applicable for most viewers who can simply print the document and complete it. Or, use this document as a sample and create your own.


Health Goal contract