LaSalle residents are taxed more than in most Montreal boroughs, due it part to a municipal improvement tax that left many residents fuming.

Now the issue is at the centre of the election campaign.

One duplex owner saw his property tax bill rise by almost $500 in 2007.

But LaSalle Borough Mayor Manon Barbe said she has no choice because she needs the extra $8 million for roads and services.

Barbe says residents have gotten over the shock of the tax because she has promised to cut it by more than half.


Barbe's main opponent, Michael Vadacchino, says he would get rid of the tax altogether because it did nothing for LaSalle.

"It's not better or worse, it's the same, with one difference," he told CTV's Annie DeMelt.

"Lachine, LaSalle, Verdun don't have a surtax ... we do."

Airlie Street

One thing the main candidates agree on is the need to revitalize Airlie Street.

It's an entrance into LaSalle that's in desperate need of a makeover.