One of three youths charged in the beating death of 67-year-old Kim Ngu Lieu pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter at Montreal youth court on Wednesday.

The 15-year-old boy admitted he was the one who hit Lieu, a Vietnamese immigrant, at a Montreal North bus stop on May 17. She died two days later.

The other youths, both 16 years of age, are due back in court on Nov. 8 for a preliminary hearing. There's a chance one of them will also plead guilty at that time.


Additional details about what led to the fatal beating were revealed in youth court on Wednesday morning.

The court heard that three youths were drinking, smoking marijuana and playing video games in an apartment when one of the kids suggested they go out and rob someone.

When the three youths went outside and spotted Lieu, they surrounded her and the 15-year-old shoved her to the ground - leaving her with severe head injuries.

The 15-year-old took the woman's purse, which contained $170.

The court heard that he told his friends: "I'm keeping the money because I'm the one who did it."

Police arrested the youth later that night when they caught him trying to buy some marijuana.

Defence lawyer Francois Taddeo argued that his client never meant to kill the woman.

"He's remorseful and fully aware that he's responsible for the woman's death," said Taddeo.

The teenager faces a maximum of three years in a youth detention centre. A social worker will determine if he can be rehabilitated. If not, he could be sentenced as an adult.

Crown prosecutor Karen Ohayon said it's too soon to say whether she'll seek an adult sentence.

"I'll wait for those reports and see the results before I decide," she said.