This is moving week in Montreal, notorious for double-parked vans, arguments over elevator access, and the desperate hunt for one more cardboard box.

It's also a week when people abandon old furniture and other junk on sidewalks, rather than take it with them to a new home.

Every year more than 115,000 Montrealers move to a new home, most of those moves take place around July 1, and almost 50,000 tonnes of junk is dumped.

So city officials Alan DeSousa and Luis Miranda are asking Montrealers to have some civic pride and clean up after themselves.

They're urging people to bring heavy junk to their local Eco-Centre, or contact city workers and ask them to collect that beat-up bookshelf.

The city can be contacted by calling 311.

Many boroughs have regularly scheduled bulk item pickup, or individuals can contact the city directly to make a special request.

Info-collecte lists when items are picked up in your neighbourhood, and can be called at 514-872-2237. (Online information only available in french.)

Six Eco-Centres in Montreal accept drop-offs of bulk items, dangerous chemicals, old paint, construction debris, or compostable items.

  • Eco-Centre de L'Acadie
  • 1200 Henri Bourassa West
  • 514-872-1376

  • Eco-Centre de Cote-des-Neiges
  • 6925 Cote-des-Neiges
  • 514-872-3517

  • Eco-Centre Riviere-des-Prairies
  • 11400 Leopold-Christin
  • 514-868-4277

  • Eco-Centre de La Petite Patrie
  • 1100 Carrieres
  • 514-872-7706

  • Eco-Centre d'Eadie
  • 1868 Cabot
  • 514-872-8359

  • Eco-Centre de Saint-Michel
  • 2475 Des Regrattiers
  • 514-872-3267

For more information on Eco-Centres, click here and scroll down to 'Installations & Infrastructures.' (Online information only available in french.)