MONTREAL - The Montreal Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT), responsible for commuter train service in and around Montreal, is proposing to increase fares for riders who board at four stations on the island.

This means that some commuters who board at stations located within city limits would have to pay more for their monthly passes.

The AMT has decided that only stations within eight kilometres of downtown should qualify for its Zone One fares.

The Lachine stop on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line would become Zone Two, which means commuters would have to shell out an additional $14 each month.

People boarding at LaSalle on the Candiac line, Montpellier on the Deux-Montagnes line, and Chabanel on the Blainville-St. Jerome line are also facing the 21 percent fare increase.

That has city councillors fuming mad.

"Why that big change? 21 percent? The cost of living is 3.25 [percent]," said Michel Bissonnet, who represents St. Leonard.

The mayor of the borough of Lachine was similarly unimpressed.

"We have to encourage public transit and not discourage public transit, and that's why we want to maintain Zone One," said Claude Dauphin.

People who ride the rails were not happy with the fare increase, with many wondering why the train costs so much more than taking buses or metros.

In response, mayors in the affected boroughs tabled a resolution with the central city to keep Zone One fares as it.

The vote passed unanimously, but it's not likely to have much effect. The AMT is an independent body and is not administered by the city of Montreal.

"We're sending a loud message to the AMT saying if you are doing these consultations, you must listen to us," said Alan DeSousa, borough mayor for St. Laurent. "We represent 1.6 million people."

Future stations on the proposed Train de L'Est line will likely face the same rates.