Alouettes fans cheered for their hometown heroes as they returned to Trudeau airport Monday afternoon.

After seven years, the Montreal Alouettes fans finally got what they've been waiting for on Sunday night: a victory. 

They'll be able to take part in a major celebration Wednesday with a victory parade starting at 11:40 a.m. on Ste. Catherine St. that will run from Crescent St. to Jeanne-Mance St., finishing at Place des festivals.

CTV Montreal will air live coverage of the event.

The Game

In what was one of the most dramatic final few seconds of a Grey Cup game, the Montreal Alouettes took advantage of a penalty called on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and kicked a 33-yard field goal to secure a 28-27 victory in front of 46,000 spectators.

It was a cliffhanger, but the last minute manoeuvre made the victory that much sweeter for Als fans.

"We thought we were going down, down, down, but at the last second they went up!" said one supporter.

"We were desperate at the end and they finally did it!" said another.

Fans had been aching for a win, since the Als have competed in the championship game seven times in the past ten years, but only won once, back in 2002.

"I'm feeling so good, we've come so far," an enthusiastic fan told CTV Montreal's Aphrodite Salas.

Lone Roughrider fan

Stephen Gletsu, a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, was the odd man out as he took in the game at a downtown bar.

Als fans jokingly jeered and booed at Gletsu while he rooted for his team.

"It's an interesting experience being the lone Roughrider fan amongst 200 Als fans," said Gletsu.

"It's a sad way to lose the game," he added.